Welcome to a movement that was created to help individuals like you to reach goals, build unity, and showcase talented individuals chasing after their purpose. Our mission is to ignite the fire back within souls and the community. Wearesswp was established August 6, 2014.  This outreach movement was created to inspire people to tap back into their gifts,  give people hope, and give people a chance to learn how to stand up for what’s right  in a world that is constantly trying to put people in a box. It’s time to be the “GAME CHANGER” within your communities, and break those cycles that are keeping you hostage from discovering your success. Our goal is to provide restoration to individuals by helping them to discover their worth, work ethic, and to fall back in love with their gifts. We hope this outreach movement will help you find your voice and embrace how amazing you truly are.  


Disclaimer: This blog will not discriminate against race, sex, or sexual orientation. Negativity will not be tolerated and will be blocked. All images unless stated   are created by wearesswp. All rights reserved to wearesswp © 2017.