We are always looking to share visionaries stories with you guys. It is amazing to be able to see young people who are turning their dreams into reality, while providing inspiration to their peers. We had the opportunity to interview new entrepreneur Jazmine who goes by Jazz.  She created her own platform that serves her community and the world, by spreading confidence nationwide. She created “JustJazz” where she does pretty much everything. From selling fashionable accessories, hair, and dropping knowledge on how to be a young boss.

This 20-year-old College student is changing the standards of success, and creating a pathway to not only change the lives of others but her life as well.


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 What does the word “visionary” mean to you? 

JUSTJAZZ:  The word visionary means to me  endless opportunities in my future. I believe it means to dream big because with hard work and dedication anything is possible. I think it also means to be optimistic for future goals that will be fulfilled.


 What’s the inspiration behind “JustJazz”? 
JUSTJAZZ: The inspiration I have is to not just sale hair, apparel and accessories but to also provide confidence nationwide. Giving people a place to not only purchase trendy items but a place where they can express themselves and be themselves. I’ve always had a passion for the beauty and fashion business, so when I got the chance to start my own thing I jumped at the opportunity. At a very young age I knew I always wanted to be my own boss and inspire other youth to chase their dreams no matter what age they are. 


What impact are you trying to make in your community/world? 

JUSTJAZZ:  The impact I am trying to make is to essentially grow the youth in the community together. Not only do I want to sale various  items but I want to do activities in the community. I want my brand to be nationwide but first I have to start with my own community where I grew up. I want to give back to my community, church, and my family for always supporting me. I want people to here my brand “just Jazz” and immediately think of the good I do not just the items I sale.


What is your greatest inspiration?

JUSTJAZZ:  My greatest inspiration is my family. They drive me to be better and do better. I also take my spirituality very serious and I know God has a plan for me. Yes it will be hard work and many hours spent but I’m dedicated and ready to build my brand.


Any upcoming projects? 

JUSTJAZZ:  Right now I’m working with the best vendors to get merchandise such as my Just Jazz hair collection and apparel. I plan to also do a launch party in August, just inviting the community to come together and help me celebrate my success. I’m definitely looking forward to this upcoming project.


6. Any advice to other young women on following their dreams? 

JUSTJAZZ:  I would just say do it. You can go day by day saying you want to do this or that but taking that first step is the scariest, most liberating choice ever. I would say block out any negative people, don’t indulge in drama and work on your brand. So many people think their brand starts with the items they sale, but what I’ve learned is that your brand is YOU! How you carry yourself, what impact are you making, are you relatable, are you genuine? I want anyone to feel comfortable and free to talk to me and know that my brand is here for the people.

 Where can the people reach you?
 Snapchat @jazminevsjazzy
Instagram @xoxo.jazmine
To see some behind the scene footage from our interview head on over to www.facebook.com/wearesswp to watch the videos.
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