Why Black Lives Matter is More Than Just A Hashtag


Before we begin we want to say that this post in no way was created to offend any other races. This post is to educate and to give others a different perspective. We in no way encourage violence, bullying, or any disrespect. We hope that you take this post and educate yourselves on what is happening in the world today. 

Black Lives Matter is more than just a hashtag it is a movement that was created to educate and inform individuals about what is happening in the world today. Black lives have been the topic of discussion since the late 40’s and it hasn’t stopped since. Today you are seeing so many innocent lives being taken away because as some would say “it’s not a racial thing”, but in reality it is. Black Men are dropping like flies, and it is scary to know that just by being black that it offends so many people. Now as we stated this post in no way is to talk down on other races, but we have to be honest. In order to see progress you can’t push these serious issues under the rug.


The reality is that Black people matter just as much as any other race, and if you are one of those people who does not allow the color of someone’s skin stop you from making great connections with people. Thank you! It’s because of people like you that we are able to express that love sees no color and that friendships can be made no matter a person’s skin color.

But it is sad to see so much hate in the hearts of some people who continue to keep this ignorant attitude and belief that if you are “Black” that it is a crime. We are not asking for you to like us or even tolerate us, but we are demanding that you respect us!


We cannot continue to sit back and watch you take away our Black Men. We need our Black Men. There should be a price over the heads of Black Men. Mothers should not have to fear letting their child outside because they do not know if there child will return home safely. Why should African-Americans have to live in fear, because we all should be equal right? When will the justice system realize that our lives matter period!

We are human just like everyone else, just because our skin has melanin in it that means we are criminals. I am sorry to shut down your stereotypes, but we are more than the chains that you continue to try to put us back in. We are more than slavery and we are more than being called “negro”

You are killing are fathers, and leaving children without their fathers. Or did you think that all Black fathers are not present in their child’s lives? We need our Men because they are our leaders, doctors, lawyers, activists, and creators. Stop justifying everything with the fact that Black people has so much aggression.

We obtain the same knowledge, we work just as hard, and we own businesses just like you. But because our skin color is different, we don’t matter? What type of example our you giving future generations? That it’s okay to kill innocent people, if their skin color is darker? It’s time to wake up and to realize the damage that’s being done.

You are breaking up homes, and destroying families because you carelessly make the choice to play God and take away a life. You are not just hurting families you are hurting communities.


A 37-year-old man was shot in Baton Rouge, in front of a store, and just like that a father will not be able to teach his son how to be a Man or to guide him through life. A wife is left alone to raise her children on her own. And a family has lost the “rock” of their family.


When will it be enough, when will the world see that ignorance doesn’t solve anything, but causes more pain? dt.common.streams.StreamServer.jpg

There is so much hate in this world that it makes people question humanity. Black Lives Matter is more than just a hashtag it’s a cry out for change. The killings need to stop. Our lives matter just as much. It’s time we rise up to our full potential and that we work together as a community to bring change that needs to happen. If no one wants to fight for the Black community we have to do it for ourselves.

Stay encouraged, and Stay woke!

To the Sterling Family, 

Our deepest condolence are with you in this time of need. As your fellow brothers and sisters we feel your pain. We pray that God covers you and your family and that Justice will be served. We know that words will not change anything, or even bring Alton back, but we are hope that you know you have a community behind you that is fighting for you. 


Wearesswp Staff 

All rights reserved © 2016 Wearesswp 

(All images were taken from google , we do not own any of these pictures) 


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