Get Prepared

Nothing in life is guaranteed and life will bring you its shares of ups and downs, but in a world where so many things are happening. Making sure your dreams are becoming a reality is a must! There are so many people in this world with dreams and talent, but it’s going to waste because we have not prepared ourselves for what we are asking God to do in our lives. So many of us want to be successful,  to own our own businesses but the reason we have not gotten to that place is because we have not prepared ourselves to receive those things. The thing about faith is you actually have to put in the work to see your vision manifest. In order to see things manifest in your life you have to do three things.


Have Faith

As hard as it may seem faith is the key to success. You have to believe in yourself and understand that just like those individuals who are successful you can be in that same position as them. But you have to put in the work that is needed. You have to be consistent and yes we all struggle with that, but you have to put your best foot forward and keep pushing. Faith activates everything inside of you to trust and believe in the process that you are going through. Have faith even in those moments that may be confusing or discouraging. Have faith to know that where you are right now in your life, is not your final destination. Activate those keys of faith.


Jump into the life that is waiting for you. You will never know what you are capable of doing until you are put into the position where the only person you have to depend on is yourself. The road to success will at times be a lonely one. Success can mean so many things for people, but you have to understand that your story will be different from someone else’s story. Jump into that new career, jump into that new relationship. eave those negative things behind. As we like to tell you guys all of the time. Life is short and you only get one chance to live life doing all of the things that you love. Stop focusing on what other people are doing and stay focus on what you have to do. Jump into those new beginnings with a pure heart and a fresh fire that is waiting to get to work to achieve and accomplish the vision that is within you.

Prepare Yourself 

You can’t expect to receive the blessings that God has for you if you are not prepared for them. In order for you to step into something new, you first have to appreciate the things that you have now. You have to be willing to go through somethings just to get the things that are meant for you. If you pray and ask God to better your health, or for a new home, or even for strength. God is not going to hand you all of those things, he wants to first make sure you are ready. Prepare yourself for the blessings that are waiting for you. Often times we think that everyone is against us or that nothing goes in our favor. The truth is sometimes we are the ones that are stopping ourselves form being happy and from moving on to the next season in our lives. Prepare yourself it’s that simple. You want a new home? Make sure your finances are in order, make sure you credit is at a place where you would want it to be. You want better health? Take care of your body change your eating habits a little bit. Try new things, you will not be able to move forward unless you are ready to move forward.

I know many of you are ready to move forward all you have to do is have enough faith, jump into what’s yours, and prepare yourself for your season that is about to happen.


We look forward to seeing you talents individuals shine! 


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2 thoughts on “Get Prepared

  1. This was actually helpful! The faith I put in to my dream to actually send a message with my art but the studio isn’t answering but I still have faith.


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