Visionaries on the Rise! ( Interview with TouchedMagazine Creator Khloe)

FEAT. KhloeCREAtor of Touched Magazine

2016 is producing some amazing talent, creators, and visionaries that is taking the world by storm. We decided to bring you guys some interviews of visionaries that are changing the standards of success. We were given the opportunity to talk to Khloe the creator of Touched Magazine. Want to know more about the amazing things she has going on read the interview below!

What it’s like to be a  Visionary? 

Tough some days, other days exciting, but that’s the life of not only a young visionary but the people others call crazy.  I’ve adapted to the changing word and I’m always one foot in and the other foot enjoying the antique, the way things were done in the past. I call myself a visionary because I’ve been given this unique talent to see the world a little different and no matter the hardships, one thing I never do is give up.


What makes you a Visionary? 

I have always thought I was different. We all do. I wanted the normal career. To be a doctor, but as fate would have it, I couldn’t finish pre-med. I finished my bachelor’s with a safe degree in psychology but quickly found out that it was boring, lackluster and I was only doing it to have a safe career. I went back to school to get another bachelor’s but this time to something I’ve always wanted to do which was become an interior designer. After I finished, I opened up a small firm in NYC and ran a blog for it for some time. I didn’t like the “blogger” layout. I wanted to fell like the magazines I loved to read, House Beautiful, etc. and so I turned to possibly making it an online digital magazine instead. I fought hard with myself on whether I was good enough to do it but I moved on with the idea anyway. That’s where Touched Magazine came in. I got editors and featured writers to collaborate with. It’s still a work in progress. What I’d like more than anything is to get it to print but few print magazines never make it. I want to possibly change that. I want to inspire the new generation to take control of their homes, design it beautifully and also learn how to give back. I want my magazine to be able to amply the less fortunate, even come up with a platform that we can help those who have recently lost their jobs, stay at home moms who were left with nothing at the expense of a death of their spouse or the dissolution of marriage. They can get back out there, learn skills and get back on their feet. This would be down with the sale of any design service packages, merchandise and any donations that come in to us.

As a Young Visionary how do you overcome adversity or challenges that you face? 

My thing to overcoming adversity and challenges is to always believe in what you are doing. To continue with the thing that gets you passionate, wakes you up in the morning and keep you up at night. It has to be the stuff that you would do if you could never ever make a dime again.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone was it difficult for you to do or did it come naturally? 

It was very difficult but I’ve always enjoyed risks, might be why I’m absolutely fascinated with roller coasters. The reason why it was difficult was because I was afraid. Fear is always the thing that stops us. Whatever that fear is; it takes a hold of us sometimes and we have to find a way to get past the fear and just push through. So that’s what I did. I just kept pushing through the difficult things.

How do you inspire other Young Visionaries? 

I inspire with every article my magazine puts out. Our Instagram is dedicated to the creative individuals. Every single Monday morning, we pick a creator – someone who inspires us and a quote from them and share it with our followers; those creative young visionaries that happen to follow us. Also, we have created a group for them as well. Touched Creatives online brings together these creators, whether they are makeup artists, designers, artists, we encourage the community of like individuals.

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Any advice or tips you would want to give other creatives out there in the world? 

Every morning, I watch a YouTuber by the name of Evan Carmichael. He puts out these little nuggets of wisdom called “Shots of Entpresso.” His mission is to help a billion entrepreneurs through his channel and these morning nuggets help me out. So much so, they have become a part of my morning routine. So the best advice is to devise a morning routine for yourself. Make sure that you are filling your morning with positivity, inspiration and exercise. This nourishes the brain early on, they become a habit. Starting the day with inspiration and positive vibes usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Try it! Set a morning routine and follow it for an entire week. It will change the way you look at mornings. You will even start looking forward to your mornings.


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