Black Kings Matter

Article Author Jamia B. 




The male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

“King Henry VIII”

Synonyms:      ruler, sovereign, monarch, crowned head, Crown, emperor, prince, potentate, lord

“The king of France”


The most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent’s piece or pawn.

Dear Black Men,

If you weren’t so valuable and didn’t have the potential to be so powerful the world would not be so hell bent on exterminating your very existence. – Unknown

Black Men Fashion Advice for fall 2013-14
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You’re no good, you’re nothing. Dreams you can’t have those. Wisdom you can’t obtain that. Getting an education? Really are you sure about that? You’re life oh, it means nothing, have you not been watching the news? I thought you said you were smart?

Black Kings have been tormented so severely that it is becoming a serious epidemic. Men are no longer allowed to grow up to make something of themselves because their lives are being taken away from them. Their lives are basically hanging in the air with so much hate and negativity around them. Our Black Men have stopped looking at themselves as being Black Kings and have started to fall into the mentality that they will never be able to achieve the impossible and change not only their lives, but the lives of others. Our Kings have found pleasure in degrading themselves and allowing for labels and statics to be their identity. The brother hood is crumbling and our Kings no longer understand the value of the crown that sits above their heads.

Our Black Kings are slowly falling and before we know it another R.I.P. sign is going up. Black Kings Matter period. Our Men are more than just the nasty looks that is given to them. Or the fact that their story can’t be told correctly because the media turns everything into something so negative. Or the fact that Men can’t be seen as being positive and uplifting. Understanding and knowing how to love a woman, and his children. Not being labeled as being “like the rest” because his brothers, didn’t know how to love their woman properly.

Our Black Kings Matter because they are the backbone and the strength behind every community, and every Woman who experiences that heavy love, that real love, that sacrificial love that is meant to be felt. Our Black Kings are more than just handcuffs and ropes and being harmed because they are not looked upon as being Men.

Our Black Kings are needed because they are the ones who will show our daughters how to be ladies and show them the value of their lives. They will instill in them that their worth is far above rubies. Her strength she possess will excite Men and terrify boys. Her grace and her mind will captivate others around her not her body. With every step she take, she will make the ground tremble. Every word she speaks will be filled with authority and humility.


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Our Black Kings are needed because they will teach our young boys how to transition into a Man. How to be humble and not afraid to show their emotions. How to say no and stick up for what they believe in. How to kill that mentality of fear and arise as the Kings they truly are. How to pray and pray even more when times become difficult. How to love a Woman and be the Man a Woman deserves in her life. How to be a husband a partner, a leader. How to take pride in his household and enjoy life.

Our Black Kings Matter because they are the game changers. They are needed and are appreciated. They are our leaders, advocates, preachers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, fathers, cousins, grandfathers, mentors, protectors, providers. Most importantly they are our KINGS who deserves to live to reach their full potential. Don’t rob us of that opportunity to see our Kings succeed.

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