Women Who Rock! – Interview (Aesha/”ELovesIAM”)

 That’s right we are hitting you guys up with another interview. It is amazing to be able to interview such amazing women who are taking the world by storm while chasing life and their purpose. We got the chance to interview the beautiful Aesha or some may know her by ELovesIAM. It was definitely a pleasure to be able to get to know her and definitely gain some inspiration from her. Check out the interview below to see why this Woman rocks! 

ELovesIAM.Com #MakeItWrite 

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Source: Aesha

Name: Aesha/“ELovesIAM”

Favorite Quote: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Social Media: ELovesIAM on Twitter|Instagram|YouTube|Facebook


Small Bio: LA born, Miami made, and New York inspired…  E is a west coast based creator. She speaks to the esprit of women of color and her mission is to help women discover their power.  Log on to ElovesIAm.Com for E’s blog.  You can also view E’s YouTube segments: “#MakeItWrite,” “#RelationshipGoals,” and “EbonyEsprit.” Find her on Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and ye old Facebook at ElovesIAM (EshieLoves@gmail.com for Inquiries).


What motivates you? 

My motivation varies and I constantly have to tap into my “why.” Right now my resounding “why” is financial freedom.  College debt has created “Nu Slaves.”  Unfortunately I fell hard into the student loans trap. I do not regret my college education and all the lessons I learned along the way; but they got me y’all.  I call Sallie Mae (Navient), NelNet, and AES my baby mommas and they must be paid.  I keep myself focused and hungry so that I can meet my obligations.  I am motivated to meet my obligations while not settling for a basic soul-sucking career path.  I want to have “it” all; whatever “it” is. My biggest source of motivation has and will always be my family.  I come from a huge family and they expect only the best from me and I will never let them down.

How do you remain true to yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change people?

Getting to know who I am helps me stay true to myself. We live in a world that almost demands that we compromise our being in order to be “cool.”  But I know that I am not to be conformed to this world; but transformed through the renewing of my mind.  I pray, I talk to God, and I pour into myself.  I let myself know that I am who I am on purpose and that is simply enough.  It is not easy. Somedays I go online and see how perfect Beyoncé is.  Or I see an unflattering picture of myself and shrink.  But it is my faith and knowing myself that keeps me grounded. 


Source: Aesha 

What inspired you to start blogging? 

Writing is an involuntary process (for me). I have wanted to blog since the invention of the internet but I talked myself out of it a thousand times.  I am a natural writer.  I have throngs of notebooks filled with my writings. I write Poetry, stories thoughts and ideas.  Blogging is just a natural progression of my abilities and it gives me a platform to showcase my work.  Hopefully, my work can be an outlet and inspiration for women everywhere.

What is the meaning behind your blog name? 

ElovesIAM is a declaration. It is about reclaiming your power and proudly owning who you are.  It is me declaring who I am and who I belong to.  My blog is not a faith-based blog.  But knowing who I am and who I belong to has given me the courage to overcome my fears and to be open enough to get uncomfortable.  Trying new things requires vulnerability and getting uncomfortable and that scares me. Being exposed makes you open to success.   I have always had to do for myself.  I am my MVP; if I don’t take care of me who will?  Declaring who I am gives me the confidence and courage that I need to be great.


Source: Aesha

Since joining the “DO YOU BOO” group how have you grown?

Since joining Do You Boo I have gotten a chance to compare my process to that of other creative types. Too much comparison can be a bad thing and can lead to self-deprecation.  So far I have been able to do healthy comparisons that help me to be a better all-around person and a better creative. I get to see who does what and how and it is edifying! I did my first YouTube videos after joining DYB.  The group motivates me and keeps accountable. I love DYB.

What does purpose mean to you? Have you found your purpose?

Using your God Given talent is the embodiment of purpose. Each person has innate talents.  That talent will change the world and save lives. Finding your purpose is important because it is the reason why you are here on earth.  I know I was meant to work with and empower women.  I also have a passion for education.  I know that as my journey unfolds my purpose will become clearer.

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years? 

Writing for a living is my ultimate goal. I want to monetize my writing abilities.  So in five years, I will have evolved as a writer.  I will have also written the first installment in my book series and I will be living in Brooklyn, NY.  My brand, my book, and a family that is my five-year goal. 

What advice would you give to people who are afraid to follow their dreams? 

Life is a spontaneous glimmer and the glimmer dwindles within a millisecond. Fear limits your milliseconds and diminishes your dream.  If you want to go from dreamer to visionary you must fight all the tiny little voices that are trying to hold you back.  Surround yourself with other dreamers and visionaries and push your dream into reality #NoFear.

What are your guilty pleasures? 

I have an infatuation with pole fitness! I love the physicality of pole fitness.  Poling requires a mental toughness and determination that spills over into other aspects of my life.  I learn so many lessons at my pole studio.  The studio that I attend is great! So many positive people are in class and it is a great place to network.  Needless to say I am hooked and I hate when I have to take a break from attending class.   My other guilty pleasure is Dark Chocolate Chex Mix.  That stuff is sooooo good but sooooo addictive.


Source: Aesha

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