Women Who Rock!- Interview (Cicely Carr- Bougie Black Blogger)

I had the pleasure of interviewing a Woman who is changing the game in the blogging world as well in the business world. I was introduced to Cicely or better known as The Bougie Black Blogger from the incredible Ms. Shameless Maya and her “DO YOU BOO” group. If  you do not know who “shameless Maya” is you really need to check out her YouTube page (click the word YouTube to be directed to her page). On her page is where you can find all of the information you need about joining the group and meeting some amazing people from all walks of life. Check out the interview below to see why this Woman rocks! 

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Name: Cicely Carr

Small Bio about Yourself:

CicelyRenee- writer, photographer, and educator. Lover of life and people. Mission is to encourage, excite and enlighten the minds of others through words and actions.

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What motivates/Inspire you?

Other people doing what they love and sharing their joy. I absolutely love to see black women motivate others, start businesses and support each other.

Have you found your “purpose” in life, or are you still in the process of discovering it?

I believe my passion in life is writing and exciting the minds of others and I feel like I can do that in many different ways and one is being a positive role model and living a life that matches my beliefs, values and morals.

What’s the meaning behind “Bougie Black Blogger?”

The name came from a friend, she thought I embodied the positive aspects of being bougie- being classy, enjoying positive things in life, eating well, the way I dress and present myself. The blog is all about celebrating positive blackness black women in business, YouTube’s, news, black women that are just really making a difference in their life and the lives of others. 

What quote/quotes you live by?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi. I say this because I am so tired of all the fighting and drama that goes on between women. There is nothing wrong with keeping it classy. It is ok to have a degree and speak clearly. It is ok to treat others with kindness. It is ok to be meek and humble. That is just my view, not saying any other way is wrong.

Since joining the “DOYOUBOO” group how have you grown or developed?

I am so excited that I came across this group filled with inspiring people. I have grown where I learned how to collaborate and build meaningful relationships. I loved celebrating others but this group made me want to do it all the time. I am learning how to be purposeful and intentional in my work.

Any advice to others out there who wants to start their very own blog?

Just do it! Many people wait till they have like 30 posts and then publish it, I just say if you started with one, publish and share… I like those that started from the beginning and stay following you, something about that is exciting. Also, get inspired by others but be your own competition.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Wine WINE WINE!! And Netflix!

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Source: BougieBlackBlogger

You guys can check out & connect with Cicely on her social media platforms listed below! 



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