ArchDuke: Ama Be Happy (GO LISTEN)





Source: Google images

Article Author: Jamia D.

I recently ran into this amazing music video by watching this amazing couple on YouTube by the names of Jamie and Nikki. I have been playing this song non stop since I heard it. I wanted to share this with you guys, because I feel with so much going on that we all need to take time out of our day to remind ourselves that no matter the situations we deal with in life, we will always remain happy. It’s important to make sure that you are not allowing temporary situations cause you to feel like your life is crap. Your life is your story and yes you will have moments where the story may not be enjoyable, but guess what? Your story is building the foundation that will bring you towards all the good things you are destined to have in your life. I hope this music video helps you in some way. I play this when I am not feeling the day. Or when I simply just need a little reminder to always keep my head up, and keep it pushing. Remember it is easy to give up, anyone can do that, but sticking things out and pushing through those stuff moments. That’s when your character and your power starts to come out. Keep smiling we need more of it. Until next time my fellow brothers and sisters. Much love. 



Source: Google images 


Source: Google images 

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